Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ecuadorian and Peruvian Silver Coins for Sale

I have a very limited number of silver coins for sale at this time.

The first coin is an 1894 Peru Un Sol coin.  This coin is .900 silver and is similar in size and silver content to a US silver dollar.  I have two of these, both in excellent condition for $50.00 each.  The photo below is not the actual coin, it is just to show what they look like.

The second coin is the Ecuador Cinco Sucres silver coin.  I have a few of these in AU condition for $27.50 each and a few with a little more wear for $25.00.  These coins are .720 silver, so each contains around .6 ounces of pure silver and they were minted in 1943 and 1944.  Again, the picture below is just to show what they look like.

Both of these coins are an excellent way to invest in silver and own a piece of history.  Contact me at if you are interested.  I can't really ship these so this offer is for folks who are in Cotacachi or will be passing through only.  Thank you.

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